Use older ID token parser v1

Deprecated The following setting is provided for backward compatibility. When you are using version 10.6 or later of the plugin, it will no longer require users to have an email address.

Usage When Microsoft upgraded its Azure Active Directory endpoint for Apps to v2, the plugin’s ID token parser has become more strict and expects at the very least that each user will have an email address. If an email address is not found, the plugin will not be able to create a new WordPress user.

Using the Use older ID token parser setting (on the Miscellaneous tab of the plugin’s wizard) an administrator can change the default behaviour and configure the plugin so it will use the older ID token parser that would ‘fake’ an email address using the user’s Office 365 login name.

Important It is not recommended to enable the older ID token parser unless you understand the consequences of (some) users being created in WordPress with possibly non-existent email addresses.

Default value False.

Versions ALL

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