Update order for matching users

Usage This configuration allows administrators to change the default behavior of the WPO365 plugin when it tries to find a WordPress user based on the information in the ID token / SAML 2.0 message sent by Microsoft when a user signs in. By default the plugin will try to find a WordPress user as follows:

  1. By UPN, the user's Microsoft 365 / Azure AD login name e.g. john.doe@example.com.
  2. By Preferred User Name, which would be the user's UPN when the user is a normal Azure AD user and in all other cases e.g. Guest users, Azure AD B2C etc. the user's email address e.g. john.doe@example.com.
  3. By Email.
  4. By Login Name, which is the same as the Preferred User Name but without the domain suffix e.g. john.doe.

You can add and remove search terms by clicking the corresponding button.

Note Your will only see this option if you click Show advanced configuration options on the plugin's Single sign-on configuration page.

Default value upn, preferred_username, email, login_name

Versions WPO365 | LOGIN+, WPO365 | SYNC, WPO365 | INTRANET 

Visit the website https://www.wpo365.com/

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