Update Failed: Download failed. Forbidden

Update Failed: Download failed. Forbidden You will see this error when you try and update an older version and the download link that you provided has expired. To resolve the issue at hand you should obtain a new download link.

To obtain your personal download link, navigate to http://www.wpo365.com/your-account/ and log into the website to see your list of purchases. For the purchase in question click View details and downloads and right click the download link and copy it to the clipboard. Now navigate to WP Admin > WPO365 > Downloads > Download link and paste it. Now navigate back to WP Admin > Plugins and try to update the plugin again.

Alternatively, you can download the latest plugin version using the download link and update it manually. Navigate to WP Admin > Plugins, de-activate the currently installed version and delete it. Now go ahead and upload the plugin's ZIP archive that you've just manually downloaded and activate the plugin.

Important When you delete the plugin, your settings won't be deleted in the process. Instead they will be preserved.

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