Use short usernames

Usage Administrators can choose to configure the plugin to create shorter WordPress user names e.g. john.doe instead of (a user's Azure AD / Microsoft 365 user principal name e.g.) or 

When you instruct the plugin to create shorter user names, it will ignore the everything right from the '@' and the '@' itself e.g. becomes simply john.doe. 

Please note that if you check this option, it is recommend that you also change / update the order to match user fields (see By default the plugin does not try to match users by their shorter user name.

Important There is a risk involved with using shorter user names when you have multiple users with the same user name e.g., or even an existing WordPress user with john.doe as his login name. In this case the WPO365 plugin may make a mistake when it tries to find a matching user. 

Alternatively, you can update the Order for matching users and remove the option to match users by their login name.


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