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Your Account

When you purchased an item through our website you also created an account. You can always access your account when you navigate to and it allows you view / manage:

  • Purchase receipts
  • Subscriptions
  • Software licenses
  • Invoices

Your Purchases

The main landing page of the Your account section shows you a list of your purchased items.

Your Subscriptions

From the Your Purchases section you can navigate to view / manage your subscriptions.

You can - for example - update the payment method or cancel the subscription. If you cancel a subscription it will not automatically renew and the license will expire at the end of the current period. Once your license is expired you cannot update the (premium) plugins that you purchased.

Software Licenses

From the Your Purchases section you can navigate to view / manage your licenses by clicking the View licenses link.

You can - for example - de-activate a website or view available upgrades. If you want to upgrade from your current license to one that isn't listed then please contact us through the Contact Form and we'll add the upgrade path if possible.


From the Your Purchases section you can navigate to view / manage your invoice for the corresponding purchase by clicking the View invoice link.

You can update the details on the invoice when you click Update. This will load a new form where you can enter missing information e.g. your company name or VAT number as depicted below. Updating your details will allow you to re-generate a new invoice.

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