Allow multiple B2C policies

Usage Use this setting to allow website administrators / managers to create custom buttons and links that will invoke a specific Azure Active Directory B2C (Azure AD B2C) user experience / user journey. 

If you check this option, website administrators can, for example, create a signup button or a password reset link. The following example creates a custom button that would redirect a user to a standard Azure AD B2C user flow for users to sign up with the service.

<div id="wpo365OpenIdRedirect">
    <button onclick="window.wpo365.pintraRedirect.toMsOnline('', location.href, '', 'B2C_1_signup_1')">
        Sign up for our great service!

The following example creates a custom link that would redirect a user to a specific custom Azure AD B2C policy to reset the password.

<div id="wpo365OpenIdRedirect">     
    <a href="javascript:return false" onclick="window.wpo365.pintraRedirect.toMsOnline('', location.href, '', 'B2C_1A_passwordreset')">
        Reset your password


  • A div with ID wpo365OpenIdRedirect must always be present.
  • The necessary namespaces wpo365 and wpo365.pintraRedirect will be made available through the JavaScript file pintra-redirect.js that the plugin automatically loads on all pages.
  • The plugin will automatically choose the default B2C policy name if the policy name is omitted (see below).
  • The plugin will also automatically choose the default B2C policy name if you did not allow the usage of multiple policies by checking this option.

Related The default Sign in with Microsoft button that is added to the default WordPress page will always redirect to the Azure AD B2C user experience that is identified by the Default B2C policy name on the plugin's Single Sign-on configuration page. See for details on the default policy name setting.

Default value Unchecked / false.


Option path WP Admin > WPO365 > Single Sign-on

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