Mail Staging Mode

Usage If checked, the plugin will not submit requests to send email to Microsoft Graph. Instead, it will create a new (audit) mail log entry that you can view using the plugin's built-in Mail Log Viewer (see screenshot below). 

Mail Staging Mode enabled is useful for debugging and for staging environments. You can rest assured that WordPress emails will be logged and saved in the database instead of being sent.

Did you know You can now enable staging mode using the override config options feature, which has been enabled for WPO365 | MAIL, starting with version 24.0. See the following example provided as reference.

/* That's all, stop editing! Happy publishing. */

define('WPO_OVERRIDES_1', array(
    'mail_staging_mode' => true,
    'mail_log' => true,

Default value False


Path WPO365 > Mail > Enable Mail Staging Mode

Visit the website

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