Select authentication method

Usage If you enabled WPO365's feature to create users in Azure AD for Customers (Entra External ID) then you can choose from one of the following authentication methods:

  • Password The user must remember his password that he entered initially (or that he request to reset) and enter it when authenticating in the designated login form.
  • One Time Passcode Whenever a user signs in with Microsoft (using Azure AD for Customers / Entra External ID) a so-called One Time Passcode is sent to his / her registered email.

Please note If you are in doubt about the best choice then please consider the following:
  •  Users tend to forget their passwords, especially for shared accounts.
  • One Time Passcodes implicitly means that the user's email address is verified.

Default value Password


Path WPO365 > User registration > Identity Provider (Authentication method)

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