Upgrade your license

What if you purchased the PROFILE+ extension for the WPO365 | LOGIN plugin and you now realize that it would be better if you can synchronize all users' attributes at least once a day? If you purchased a premium paid extension for a WPO365 plugin and you want to upgrade it to another tier, you can easily do so, from Your account section on our website. This article explains the steps you must perform to upgrade your license.

Simply point your browser to https://www.wpo365.com/your-account/ sign into your account and find an overview of all downloads and licenses available to you.

Find the license you would like to upgrade and click the View licenses link for that item in the last column. 

A new page is loaded and this will show you - again in the last column - a link to View upgrades

Simply select one of the available upgrades to add the item in your shopping basket. Now you can proceed and checkout from the website. You will notice that the price for the upgrade is calculated pro-rata. This means that the price of the item you are purchasing is lowered by the amount of your initial purchase (corrected for the time lapsed since the initial purchase).

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