Upgrade your license

If you purchased a premium edition of the plugin - for example you purchased the PROFESSIONAL edition of the WPO365 plugin - but you realize that you would need the PREMIUM edition, you can easily do so through the website. Simply point your browser to https://www.wpo365.com/your-account/ to view all downloads and licenses available to you. Find the license you would like to purchase an upgrade for and click the View licenses link for that item in the last column. A new page is loaded and this will show you - again in the last column - all possible upgrades. Simply click the license that you would like to upgrade to and this will add an upgrade item in your shopping basket. Now you can proceed and checkout from the website. You will notice that the price for the upgrade is calculated pro-rata. This means that if you purchased the PROFESSIONAL edition for 59 USD and PREMIUM edition costs 149 USD you will pay the difference of 99 USD.

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