Select OIDC response mode

Usage When a user signs in with Microsoft, the resulting response - which is an one-time authorization code that WPO365 can then use to request an ID token i.e. a minimal set of user details from Microsoft - will be posted back to the website. 

If you have configured a 3rd-party multi-factor authentication provider - for example Duo, Wordfence or Jetpack - this code may get lost when it is posted as form data. If this is the case, WPO365 can request for that code to be added to the Redirect URL - as a query parameter - instead, when the administrator selects query instead of the default selected form_post. This way, the code will be preserved, even when the user temporarily navigates away from the website to enter a 2nd factor.

Default form_post

Versions LOGIN

Path WP Admin > WPO365 > Single Sign-on

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