Always add all users to all WPMU subsites

Usage If checked, WPO365 will ensure that the user 

  • Currently signing in with Microsoft
  • Or just being created or updated during WPO365 User Synchronization / Azure AD User provisioning 

Has been added as a member to the main site and all subsites in a WordPress network.

Please note If checked, all existing WordPress users will also be added as a member to a new subsite, the moment it is added to the network. 

Users will be assigned the default role specified on the plugin's User Registration configuration page, as depicted below.

To dynamically assign WordPress roles based on Azure AD/Entra ID app roles, groups, or user attributes, consider exploring our ROLES + ACCESS feature..

Default value False.

Path WPO365 > User Registration > Always add all users to all WPMU subsites 



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