Session duration

Usage Duration in seconds until the plugin will consider the user’s session expired and force to re-authenticate with Microsoft.

This settings overrules the actual period that Microsoft deems the ID (and access) tokens it issued valid (which is normally an hour, hence the default value for this setting is 3600, which corresponds to 60 (minutes) * 60 (seconds).

In case the user has checked the  remember me option in Microsoft’s login-portal, the user won’t hardly notice that his/her authentication is renewed.

Please note From v12.5 it is possible to disable the session expiration check by setting the Session duration to 0.

Important Be aware that access tokens (needed for integration e.g. with SharePoint Online and Microsoft Graph) also expire after 1 hour / 3600 seconds. Unless you granted offline_access permissions to the App registration in Azure Active Directory, the plugin may not be able to request fresh new access tokens after they expire (see for details).

Default value 3600.

Versions ALL

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