Allow deletion of users

Usage When synchronizing users, Administrators can also configure the user synchronization capability to delete users from WordPress that are (soft / hard) deleted from Azure AD. However, this would also delete all posts and pages created by that users. 

When checked, this option will not delete the user from WordPress when the user is (soft / hard) deleted from Azure AD. Instead, the user will be earmarked as deactivated and the plugin will deny that user access to your WordPress website.

Important A user is earmarked as deleted by adding a custom WordPress user meta key. The plugin will check, whenever a user signs into your website (either with Microsoft or by entering credentials into the default WordPress login form), whether that user has been deactivated. However, whenever you decide to deactivate the WPO365 plugin, this check won't be executed any longer and users may be able again to sign into your website.

Default value false.


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