Yammer for WordPress

Use this guide, if you want to embed a Yammer feed in a WordPress page or post using the WPO365 plugin.

The Yammer Embed app WordPress is included in the  WPO365 | INTRANET bundle (see https://www.wpo365.com/downloads/wordpress-office-365-login-intranet/ for details and pricing) and the WPO365 | M365 APPS (see https://www.wpo365.com/downloads/wpo365-microsoft-365-apps/ for details and pricing)

Before you start

  • You must already have configured the single sign-on capability of the WordPress + Office 365 plugin.
  • Additionally, you must also already have configured the integration capability of the plugin.
  • You are a Global Administrator for your company’s Office 365 tenant / Azure AD directory (or have at least the ability to edit the Azure Active Directory App registration that was created previously when the single sign-on capability was configured).
  • You are an Administrator for your WordPress website.

App registration

  • In Azure Portal click the 'hamburger' (icon with three horizontal lines in the upper corner) to open the menu.
  • Navigate to Azure Active Directory > App registrations.
  • Select the App registration that you created when you configured the single sign-on capability of the plugin.

API Permissions

  • Click API permissions from the 'App registration' menu on the left
  • Click + Add permission.
  • Select Yammer > Delegated permissions.
  • Check
    • user_impersonation
  • Click  Add permissions.
  • Click Grant admin consent for … as an administrator to grant consent for all users in your tenant to use this ‘App registration’.


  • Navigate to WP Admin > WPO365 > Integration.
  • Scroll down to the section labelled Microsoft 365 Apps.
  • Check the option to Enable WPO365 API for Microsoft Graph.
  • Require users that will use the Employee Directory app to Sign in with Microsoft.
  • Add https://www.yammer.com to the list of Allowed endpoints.
  • Check the option to Enable Microsoft Graph proxy-type requests.

Generate a Yammer shortcode

  • Navigate to WP Admin > WPO365 > ... > Yammer.
  • Select the type of feed that you'd like to integrate.
  • If you created and uploaded your own handlebars template (see https://www.wpo365.com/working-with-handlebars-templates/ for details) then update the default link.
  • Enter the results per page (= number of messages) that should be retrieved initially (and subsequently each time the user clicks the Load more button at the bottom of the feed).
  • Optionally you can choose to hide paging (= hide the Load more button).
  • Optionally you can choose to hide images.
  • Click Copy shortcode to clipboard.

Embed a Yammer feed in a WordPress page or post

  • From the WordPress Admin Bar, click + New to add a new WordPress page or post.
  • On the page or post, type shortcode in the block navigator and click the shortcode shortcut to add a new shortcode block to the page or post.
  • In the shortcode editor, click Ctrl+V (or right mouse click and click Paste) to paste the shortcode.
  • Publish the page and then click View post to check the result.


  • If you made changes in Azure AD and updated - for example - the API Permissions for your App registration you should go to WP Admin > WPO365 > Integration and click to Delete tokens. Then clear your browsers cache, sign out of your WordPress website and sign back in with Microsoft to refresh any tokens and try again.
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