Microsoft 365 logout

Usage A user that clicks the (default) WordPress logout link will also be logged out from Microsoft 365. To achieve this the user will be redirected to a Microsoft logout page so that cookies etc. will be deleted. After doing so successfully, Microsoft will optionally redirect to a URL that you can customize.

Perform the following steps to log out users from Microsoft 365 when they log out of the WordPress website.

  • Go to WP Admin > WPO365 > Login / Logout.
  • Check the option to Logout from O365.
  • Optionally, enter the Post sign-out URL where you want users to be redirect to by Microsoft, once they are signed out of Microsoft 365.

Important When Microsoft is not redirecting the user to the Post sign-out URL you can try to add that URL to the list of Redirect URIs of the App registration that you created in Azure AD for the WordPress website.

Default value Not checked.


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