User sync query

Usage The User sync query configuration allows you to customize the Microsoft Graph query used by the plugin when synchronizing users from Azure AD to WordPress. This gives you (almost) full control over which users should be enrolled to the WordPress website.


  • You must URL-encode the URL (see the default value below).
  • The REST API itself follows from your configuration on the plugin's wizard Integration tab e.g. or
  • If you don't set a page size (e.g. $top=10) you risk retrieving too much users at once causing PHP to time out when processing the result.
  • If you remove your custom query by emptying this setting the plugin will use the default query as fallback.

Please note Follow the steps in this article if you want to only synchronize users that belong a specific Azure AD group.

Also, since v13 the plugin automatically detects a Microsoft Graph $count query and automatically adds the ConsistencyLevel = True header and thus allowing for advanced queries with $filter using endsWith and $search. This means that you can write a User sync query that includes all users from a specific organization as follows: 


Default value myorganization/users?$filter=accountEnabled+eq+true+and+userType+eq+%27member%27&$top=10


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