Skip nonce verification

Usage A nonce is a number used once and helps to protect your requests to Microsoft from being used more than once. Therefore disabling the verification of the nonce is not recommended and it considerably weakens overall security.

However, there may be specific situations e.g. when caching can not be disabled or the implemented work-around isn't working as expected and you still get the dreaded Your login has been tampered with error. In this case you may - at your own risk - want to try to disable the check as a last resort.

When disabled, the plugin will skip the last step of the nonce verification and won't check whether it is expired. It will, however, still log the fact that the nonce is expired as an error in the debug log and it is recommended that you use this information to analyze why the request is being replayed rather than a solution. 

Default value Not checked

Versions ALL

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