Enable SSO for the default / custom login page

Usage When checked, this setting will redirect all requests for the default (or custom) login page to Microsoft and thus force a user to sign in with Microsoft (Single Sign-On).

Important When you check this option you must also provide a custom Error / logged out page on the plugin's Login / Logout configuration page (see https://docs.wpo365.com/article/88-error-page for details). The plugin will redirect the user to that page when he / she signs out of WordPress or when signing in with Microsoft fails.

Please note Administrators can define a secret key that - if added to the absolute URL of the login page - will prevent the plugin from redirecting the request to Microsoft. This way, an administrator can bypass single sign-on and log in using a regular WordPress user name and password. Thus for a website with URL https://www.example.com/ and q4QGwAsqYt35nYFHttSZSZf4Gz6jSJ8D as the defined secret key, an administrator can still navigate to the default login page when directing the browser to https://www.example.com/wp-login.php?q4QGwAsqYt35nYFHttSZSZf4Gz6jSJ8D. The minimal length of the secret key is 32 characters. 

Default value False


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