Force SSO for the default / custom login page

Usage When checked, this setting will redirect all requests for the default (or custom) login page to Microsoft and thus force a user to sign in with Microsoft (Single Sign-On).

Important When you check this option you must also provide a custom Error / logged out page on the plugin's Login / Logout configuration page (see for details). The plugin will redirect the user to that page when he / she signs out of WordPress or when signing in with Microsoft fails.

Please note Administrators can define a secret key that - if added to the absolute URL of the login page - will prevent the plugin from redirecting the request to Microsoft. This way, an administrator can bypass single sign-on and log in using a regular WordPress user name and password. Thus for a website with URL and q4QGwAsqYt35nYFHttSZSZf4Gz6jSJ8D as the defined secret key, an administrator can still navigate to the default login page when directing the browser to The minimal length of the secret key is 32 characters. 

Default value False


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