Send as / Send on behalf of

Usage If checked, a new text field will appear, where you can enter the email address of another account e.g. a Distribution List, from which you would like WordPress emails to be sent.

In this case, your emails will still be "submitted" to Microsoft Graph, by the (default) "From"  Microsoft 365 User Mailbox, but will appear to the recipient as sent from the account defined here e.g. from the Distribution List.

Important The (default) "From" Microsoft 365 User Mailbox must be been granted delegated permissions for this mailbox, or else an error will occur and the email will not be sent.

Please note If you check this option and specify another account to send email as or on behalf of, the plugin will always try and send emails from this mailbox, unless you have also checked the option to Allow forms to override "From" address and the email in question is sent from a form (e.g. Contact Forms 7) and the form has specified a different "From" address.

Default value False


Path WPO365 > Mail > Send as / Send on behalf of

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