Enable cURL verbose

Usage If checked, WPO365 will enable verbose logging for the PHP cURL module and redirect the verbose output to the default WPO365 debug log. 

Please note By default, the WPO365 debug log only keeps the last couple of hundreds of logged records. If you are need to preserve the log records collected over a longer period of time, then you should enable the WordPress debug log capability. You can check this support article for steps how you can reconfigure WPO365 to (also) append its debug log to the default WordPress debug log that - if enabled - can be found in the root of the /wp-contents folder.

If enabled, you can filter the debug log for cURL related entries as depicted below.

Debugging cURL can be especially helpful, if you are installation is haunted from the dreaded cURL error 28: Operation timed out after 15001 milliseconds with 0 bytes received error message.

Default False (unchecked)

Path WPO365 > ... > Debug > Enable cURL verbose

Versions ALL

Visit https://www.wpo365.com/

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