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Usage Starting with v10.1 administrators can now choose to save the (debug and / or error) logs that are generated by the plugin:

  1. Locally (on the server)
  2. Remotely (using Microsoft ApplicationInsights)
  3. Both locally and remotely.

There are several reasons why it's recommended to write the logs remotely to Microsoft ApplicationInsights:

  • Streaming your logs to Microsoft ApplicationInsights is done asynchronously and doesn't hurt your website's performance as much as when logs are kept locally (in the WordPress database).
  • ApplicationInsights offers a great search and log analytics tool that helps you navigate your logs and even help you audit website logins etc.
  • You can create custom search query based alerts that will inform you per email e.g. when ever an exception occurred.

When you opt to save your logs remotely then all you need to do is to select option 2 or 3 and to the add your ApplicationInsights instrumentation key to the plugin's configuration as follows.

  • Navigate to Azure PortalApplicationInsights and create / select an instance to save your WPO365 logs to.
  • From the Overview page copy the Instrumentation key.
  • Navigate to WP Admin > WPO365 > ... > Debug and select Remotely or Both as Log location.
  • Paste the Instrumentation key in the field labeled ApplicationInsights Instrumentation Key.
  • Click Save to save your changes and start seeing log messages being received (with minor delays of 1 - 2 minutes) by ApplicationInsights.


  • When you choose to save locally then please be aware that without further configuration the plugin will only keep the most recent 500 log items whilst the tail of the log is continuously truncated (see https://docs.wpo365.com/article/19-enable-debug-log for details how to enable debugging in WordPress).
  • Microsoft ApplicationInsights is a paid service that you would need to acquire separately (but there is a fair chance your company already has it).
  • The plugin creates two possible message types, namely Traces (with severity levels Information and Warning) and Exceptions.

Default value Locally (on the server).

Versions ALL

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