Require user assignment in Azure AD

When you registered your WordPress website as an app in Azure AD (see for details), Microsoft registered a so-called Enterprise Application for you.

Note An App Registrations are basically the apps local to the tenant / organization in which they have been registered to generate a unique application id. Enterprise apps are local and global apps which can be configured and used within your tenant/organization.

If you'd like to restrict access to your WordPress website to certain Azure AD users and groups you can achieve this in the following two ways.

Option 1 - Configure WPO365 Role Based Access 

Please see for details on how to configure role base access.

Option 2 - Require user assignment

  • Navigate to WP Admin > WPO365 > Single Sign-on and copy the Application ID.
  • Continue to Azure Portal > Azure Active Directory > Enterprise Applications and search for the corresponding Enterprise Application using the Application ID you copied in the previous step.
  • On the Properties page of the Enterprise Application toggle User assignment required.
  • On the Users and groups page of the Enterprise Application add the groups that should be able to access your WordPress website.
  • Wait 1 - 2 minutes and test your updated Enterprise Application configuration.

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