Intercept manual logins

Usage When checked, the plugin will intercept attempts by users who try to login by entering their user name and password and check whether the user name entered is a possible valid Office 365 Azure AD user name. If yes, the plugin will forward the login request to Microsoft instead.

Once the plugin is configured to intercept manual logins, it will try to redirect the user back to the (default) login form (because - by default - the plugin will always try and send users to the page they initially requested). Since this is not a desirable / unexpected behavior, the plugin will instead try to redirect the user to the website's home address. However, by configuring a Goto after URL here, an administrator can override this behavior and tell the plugin where to redirect users instead.

Activating this option is recommended to work against so-called brute force attacks where it tries guessing usernames and passwords, over and over again, until it gets in.

Important To determine whether a user is a possible valid Office 365 user, the plugin will compare the user name with your default and custom domain(s). 

Default value false.


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