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Usage This option allows your to configure an absolute URL where Office 365 users, who attempted to sign in manually, will be redirected to after successfully signing in with Microsoft. 

By default, if the plugin is configured to Intercept manual logins, it would try to redirect the user back to the (default) login form (because - by default - the plugin will always try and send users to the page they initially requested). Since this is not a desirable / unexpected behavior, the plugin will instead try to redirect the user to the website's home address. However, by configuring a Goto after URL here, an administrator can override this behavior and tell the plugin where to redirect users instead.

Important Do not confuse this URL with the Azure AD Redirect URI which where Microsoft will send the authentication response / ID token.

Also note that the administrator can choose to check the Always goto after option. Doing so will override the plugin's default behavior of sending users (after they successfully signed in with Microsoft) to the page they initially requested. Instead - when checked - the plugin will always redirect the user to the Goto after URL.

Default value Empty.


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