Resending failed emails automatically

Usage Checking this option will instruct the plugin to automatically retry sending emails that failed to sent. As soon as you check this option, you can configure the delay in seconds between each attempt to try and send the email again. Please note that the plugin will try to resend an email in case of failure up to 3 times, before it gives up and won't try again. 


A first attempt to send an email fails, because you are actively throttling the number of emails sent per minute and the threshold has been reached. Therefore not attempt to send the email was made. WPO365 will now wait 3600 seconds or 1 hour before trying to send the email again. If that attempt fails as well, WPO365 will try to sent the email again for the 2nd time 7200 seconds or 2 hours later. If that attempt also fails, then WPO365 will wait another 14400 seconds or 4 hours before trying to send the email again. No more attempts will be made, if sending of the email failed for 3 attempts in a row.

The delays in the previous example are the defaults and you can update these, as soon as you check the option to resend failed emails automatically.

Please note Checking this option will add a new WP-Cron job to your system. It is your responsibility to ensure that WP-Cron jobs are running frequently. Please check this article for guidance on how you can improve the stability of WP-Cron and simulate a situation in which WP-Cron is running continuously. 

Default False (Interval: 3600, 7200, 14400)

Versions Mail, SYNC, INTRANET

Path WP Admin > WPO365 > Mail

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